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Clapping Audience


What clients and collaborators are saying about Jacquie Beaubien of Educators' Wheelhouse.

Terri Gomez

Associate Provost, Student Success, Equity and Innovation, CalPoly Pomona, CA

Dr. Beaubien is wonderful to work with! Her knowledge of best practices in important areas like Growth Mindset and Equity-minded practices are grounded in research and applicable data. Dr. Beaubien is extremely prepared and organized – something that is essential when leading professional development. She is adaptable and is able to bring real-time participant examples, questions, and concerns into the conversation and make an authentic learning experience for all stakeholders. Faculty found her approachable and relatable and she was able to create a safe and nurturing environment that allowed instructors to look critically at their practices and assumptions to make real change. She is a consummate professional.

Catherine Cushinberry

Executive Director of City Year Memphis
Faculty, University of Missouri-Columbia

I teach research methods and [this City Year study] is brilliant. I love the way you've managed this, the thoughtfulness of your method and approach and, more importantly, just the way you're facilitating all of this. You can have the greatest plan of all time, but if people don't wanna work with you... But we are enjoying it, so thank you.

- Shared during an interview

Carolyn Trager Kliman

Vice President, Education Research and Strategy, 
City Year

Jacquie centers the human experience in everything she does. She collaborated with us to shift an entire project in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many things that sets Jacquie apart as a partner is her ability to collaborate with a diverse set of stakeholders and make everyone feel like their voice is heard and valued.

Ryan Bell

Director of School Outreach
National Study of Learning Mindsets - University of Texas, Austin

It has been a privilege to learn from Jacquie in our work together for the National Mindset Innovation Network. Her knowledge of the literature and best practices surrounding mindset science, combined with her ability to connect with teachers and administrators in diverse settings across the United States, make her a one-of-a-kind resource for educators everywhere. The professional development she delivers is always top-notch - I can’t recommend her work highly enough!

Barbara Caldwell

Executive Director
Teaching Fellows Institute

Dr. Beaubien is an extraordinarily effective presenter who spends significant time and effort in getting to know her audience beforehand and tailoring her workshops and events to that audience. In addition, in a field with new research and findings being made available on an almost daily basis, she is amazingly current and incorporates all this new information into her presentations on a virtually real-time basis.

​Our organization had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Beaubien in 2015 and her 2018. Her workshop and materials showed the development of the learning mindset field and research over the past three years and was essentially a brand new workshop curated for our group of outstanding educators."

David Sonnenschein

Founder/CEO, iQsonics

Jacquie helped infuse more positive mindset language into our program Sing & Speak 4 Kids, an educational music-based game that supports children with speech and language development. In particular, she helped improve the growth mindset messaging in our parent training interactive video by adding language such as, "making mistakes is a normal part of learning and playing any game, and lots of learning happens when everyone is having fun and challenging themselves!" These subtle changes really make a difference because it is so important to help parents feel that they are capable of supporting their children, especially those with learning disabilities.

Workshop Participant

Jacquie is a great facilitator! The research was interesting and fascinating. I appreciated that there were many activities involved and that the content was easy to understand.

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