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Modern Library

A compilation of resources to help you avoid reinventing the wheel

About this Resource Library


This is a home for my ever-evolving list of organizations, resources, and topics I find I’m regularly sharing with colleagues and clients. The layout is simple for now, and some text is borrowed from writing I’ve published elsewhere.

Psychology Focused

Most content is focused on evidence-based factors that influence academic engagement, motivation and equity.

Not Comprehensive or Exhaustive

The field is vast and rapidly evolving with new research being published almost daily. There are also many frameworks for thinking about how social, emotional learning and developmental (SEL/SED) constructs hang together, many of which have their own associated resources. 


Feedback Welcome!

This is a new adventure so I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions. 

In these pages, you will find a variety of resources, articles, short summaries of key concepts, and links to excellent tools and programs created by others. It's a work in progress and I welcome your feedback!


Explore a few worthwhile non-profits devoted to bridging research and practice.

Curated Resources

This is where I share resources I've curated for my clients.


Explore sprouting ideas and programs. You can help them grow by sharing your thought!



This is where mistakes and failures become food for thought so we can learn together and learn faster.

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