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We are at a turning point in history. We will either rise up and transform how we live together on this planet, or we will experience catastrophic political, environmental, and economic failures. We must equip tomorrow's leaders to face this challenge by building inclusive, inspiring learning environments that bring out the very best in every student and every adult who facilitates their learning. 

Jacquie Beaubien 

Founder & Finder

"Helping educators avoid reinventing the wheel by sharing knowledge and evidence-based practices is my passion and mission."

Education can transform lives, communities, and the world when it is grounded in a commitment to equitably nurturing the development of the whole person based on evidence-based practices, and an understanding that learning is inherently social and emotional. My areas of specialty are the mindsets, pedagogical practices, and education structures that improve equity, support positive identity development, and foster academic engagement. I'm a qualitative researcher and expert facilitator who creates hands-on professional learning experiences in both K12 and higher education. I also provide training and implementation support for schools, districts, and universities using PERTS Elevate and Ascend data-driven professional learning programs. These programs elevate students’ perspectives to help educators systematically and equitably improve academic and social-emotional learning.

My passion for this work comes from being a first-generation student who grew up in a context fraught with challenging home and school experiences that left me feeling academically incompetent and unsure of my place in society. I know how painful it is to care deeply about social issues as a young adult but feel impotent to do anything about them. My life’s work now is empowering educators to empower students so that they can feel confident and inspired to take on the many challenges facing our global community.

I obtained my bachelor's degree in psychology from Stanford University after transferring from Santa Monica College. While at Stanford, I joined the newly formed PERTS laboratory where I played a pivotal role in expanding their online programs into community colleges and in developing educator professional learning resources including the PERTS Mindset Kit. and Elevate. In 2018 I completed my doctorate in education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jacquie's Expertise

My area of expertise is the social psychological and structural factors that can support–or undermine–equity, motivation, resilience, inclusivity, and sense of social connectedness. These factors include: 

  • beliefs about the malleability of abilities (growth mindset),

  • sense of belonging or belonging uncertainty,

  • perceptions of the value and cost of engaging in tasks,

  • a sense of purpose and passion,

  • experiences of social identity threat (or worries about being judged negatively based on your identity),

  • bias (implicit or explicit),

  • trauma, and

  • the recursive processes that can amplify impact, both positively and negatively.


Ed.D. University of California, Los Angeles, Education – 2018


B.A. Stanford University, Psychology – 2011


A.A. Santa Monica College, Psychology and Anthropology – 2008

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Jacquie Likes
  • Dancing - a great source of community

  • Photography - my mindfulness practice

  • Nature - going far or just sitting still

  • Cooking - for and with friends & family 

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