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Diversity Students


Welcome to Educators' Wheelhouse!


My name is Jacquie Beaubien and helping educators and researchers amplify the impact of research and evidence-based practices that create more optimal and equitable conditions for human thriving is my mission. My expertise is in the social-psychological aspects of learning, motivation, and equity.


Two ways that I support educators are...

Team Meeting


Services include qualitative research, public speaking, hands-on workshop facilitation, and programs design & implementation support.

Residential Library


Finding and sharing research, tools, and evidence-based practices that can help accelerate our shared learning.

Sharing our wheels–

                not reinventing them

Amplifying Access & Impact


We can no longer afford the long-standing opportunity gaps that systematically under prepare and underutilize large segments of our population.


The Evidence is Clear

Positive social & emotional learning environments lead to...

  • Increased grades, attendance, engagement, and resilience

  • Decreased discipline issues, and opportunity & achievement gaps

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Students learn best when they...


  • Feel cared for, respected, and treated fairly 

  • Trust their teachers and peers

  • See that their voice, culture, and identity are valued

  • Believe they can grow their abilities and be successful

  • Engage in challenging, purposeful learning

  • Connect their learning to their own lives, identities, and goals

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